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Practice Areas Overview

The Law Offices of Steven M. Sepassi assists individuals and businesses in the greater Los Angeles area and throughout California in a range of civil law matters, providing dedicated, effective representation in litigation.  To find out how the firm can assist in your particular situation, contact us today. We focus our practice primarily on the following:

Business Litigation

In the lifetime of an organization, small businesses and large businesses alike will interact with a wide range of parties, from employees and partners to contractors, vendors, and lenders, and participate in a wide range of contracts and agreements, presenting a multitude of opportunities for disputes to arise.  In the event your business has become embroiled in litigation, we can provide aggressive advocacy, whether you are on the plaintiff or defense side of the dispute.  We have successfully handled litigation involving a range of business issues, including purchases, sales, and instances of fraud or misrepresentation.  No matter the nature of the dispute, firm principal Steven M. Sepassi will work diligently to resolve the matter as swiftly as possible to ensure that your business can resume normal operations with minimal disruption.  

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Real Estate Litigation

Disputes can occur at every stage of property ownership and acquisition, requiring the attention of an experienced real estate attorney who can help resolve the matter and navigate the significant financial and emotional investment at play in these types of cases. At the Law Offices of Steven M. Sepassi, we have successfully represented both plaintiffs and defendants in a range of real estate litigation. Whether a wrongful foreclosure, wrongful eviction, fraudulent conveyance, or action to quiet title is at issue, our wealth of experience gives us the ability to protect your interests, either in settlement negotiations or at trial.

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Major Personal Injury

When the negligence or wrongful actions of an individual or an organization causes harm, California law entitles the victim to compensation for damages, both economic and non-economic.  While motor vehicle accidents are the most common source of serious and catastrophic injuries, harm can come from many incidents.  A slip and fall on a dangerous property that was poorly-maintained by its owner can give rise to a claim of premises liability.  In the event of a consumer product, such as a seat belt, malfunctions due to a design or other defect, the producer may be responsible for the resulting harm under a theory of products liability.  If you have suffered serious harm due to the action or inaction of another party, attorney Steven M. Sepassi can fight to ensure that you receive the maximum compensation to which you are entitled, potentially for both tangible expenses, such as medical and property damages, and for the pain and suffering you have endured.

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Consumer Bankruptcy

In today's faltering economy, more people than ever are struggling to stay above water in the face of significant debt and mounting bills.  If you are having financial difficulties, bankruptcy may be an option worth considering.  While bankruptcy may seem like a daunting prospect, in reality it can be a doorway to a fresh financial start.

We help consumers pursue bankruptcy through both Chapters 7 and 13, which differ as follows:

  • Chapter 7, sometimes known as liquidation, is often the right option for consumers facing a mountain of unsecured debt, such as credit card debt.  In this proceeding, a portion of your property (the non-exempt assets) will be sold off to cover your debts; any remaining debt will typically be discharged by the court.  An experienced attorney can help you retain as much property as possible, including potentially your car and your home, and maybe more.
  • Chapter 13, often called a "reorganization," is typically a good option for consumers with regular income and significant debt (subject to certain limits).  This proceeding will allow you to work with creditors to design a new payment plan, tailored to your situation, which will pay off your debts over a specified period of time, typically three to five years.

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Insurance Bad Faith

When we purchase insurance, whether for our homes, cars, or our lives, we are paying for the security of knowing that in the event of an unfortunate incident beyond our control, the resulting expenses and damages will be taken care of.  However, it is important to remember that insurance companies are motivated by profit, and consequently will deny or dismiss as many claims as they legally can.  In the event your claim has been wrongfully denied, dismissed, or delayed, your insurance provider may be liable for a claim of "bad faith."  The Law Offices of Steven M. Sepassi has helped people throughout California secure the benefits to which they are legally entitled.  While most insurance bad faith matters end in settlement, we will never hesitate to take the matter to trial if necessary to hold your insurance company accountable for the coverage they are contractually obligated to provide.

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